• Eliminate the complexity, uncertainty, and friction of managing diverse digital transaction flows with Titanium payments.
  • With its completely secure cloud-based technology, titanium payments delivers seamless integration of multiple transaction management capabilities—all in a single workflow—in a way that traditional financial software firms cannot provide.
  • Titanium payments delivers the bulletproof reliability and scale so vital to the high-volume business of financial transactions—but with a distinct advantage over other solutions. Built for purpose with inventive technology, our digital transaction suite is nimble, streamlined, and readily expansible.
  • Easily integrate titanium payments to your existing front-end payment portal, check scanning hardware, and even to your bank of choice.
  • Add new capabilities, like remittance processing or remote deposit capture, at any time—all through a single connection with no heavyweight software installations or complex system upgrades.
  • Start enjoying the benefits of improved operating efficiency and reduced costs with titanium payments.

Process ACH and Check 21 in a Single Workflow

Electronic Checks

Easily digitize any check—including business checks—for electronic deposit to your bank of choice. ACHeck21 seamlessly processes ACH and Check 21 formats in a single, unified workflow.

Intelligent Routing

Take the guesswork out of payment routing decisions. ACHeck21 automatically identifies checks that do not qualify for ACH and converts them to Check 21.

Scalability on Demand

Easily handle seasonal volume spikes and business expansion opportunities with ACHeck21’s proven reliability and powerhouse scale.


  • One connection, countless possibilities. Harness the power of the FinTech Cloud℠.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing
  • Check Guarantee & Verification
  • Check 21 Processing
  • OFAC Verification
  • Image Cash Letters (ICL)
  • eCheck Processing
  • Automatic File Translation
  • Image Remittance Processing
  • Integrated Management Console
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)
  • Easy User Access Administration
  • Fraud and Duplicate Detection
  • Archive and Search